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Designed by triathletes for triathletes to stay organized and ready for race day. Includes easy to view customizable checklists, logistics information and bike set up all in one place on a mobile device you can access at all times.This is how Ready2Tri will help you:1. Checklists - customizable lists covering everything you need to show up ready for the race from your swim gear to your special needs bag no matter what distance or geography. Lists can be shared or printed.2. Logistics - keep track of all possible travel arrangements from your bike transport to the rental car info including a place to store your bike settings. Each arrangement can be shared or printed.
3. Summary - reminders summarized from each checklists and organized by race function - swim, bike, run, transition - to give you quick access for reviewing essential items you still need to pack or purchase. Includes key dates and times for each race.
4. Races - add as many races as you need from sprints to ultra distance endurance. Copy, edit, or delete races as you go.
5. Bike - add a bike set up distances and screws torque specification setting information. These settings can be shared or printed.